Diced – Giant Dice Drinking Game


Roll the dice and face the shame of the game with this fun Diced giant dice drinking game! Roll the dice, combine the actions (starting with the grey dice), and complete them – if you fail, you drink! Would you lick a big toe while pretending to be a gorilla? Or could you down a beer whilst attempting to do the splits? Whatever you land on, with 144 combinations, this is sure to keep the laughs (and the drinks) coming!

No matter if you’re looking for stag do or hen party games, or fun garden games for adults, this hilarious game is sure to get you acting up! Packaged in a bright and compact gift box, this is also a great travel game for boozy fun on the go! Perfect as a gift for friends and family on their birthday or at Christmas, or even as a secret Santa gift to get the work party off to a wild start, this funny adult drinking game is sure to liven up any celebration – say bye to beer pong and get crazy with Diced!

  • Depth : 8.70 cm
  • Height : 20.50 cm
  • Width : 9.10 cm

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Introducing the ultimate recipe for uproarious fun and wild memories – the Giant Dice Drinking Game! Get your dice-rolling skills ready, because this game is about to take your gatherings to a whole new level of hilarity. Whether you’re hosting a stag do, hen party, or a casual garden get-together, the Diced giant dice drinking game is your ticket to uncontrollable laughter and unforgettable moments.

Here’s how it works: Roll the dice and face the challenge of the game. The concept is simple, yet oh-so-humorous – roll the dice, read the action on the corresponding face (starting with the grey dice), and embark on an epic quest to accomplish it. But wait, there’s a twist – if you stumble and can’t fulfill the task, there’s only one way to make amends: you take a sip, a gulp, or perhaps even a hearty chug!

Imagine the hilarity of pretending to be a gorilla while licking a big toe, or attempting to perform the splits while downing a beer. With a whopping 144 potential combinations, the giggles, guffaws, and yes, the drinks, will keep flowing. This game isn’t just about rolling dice; it’s about creating shared memories, pushing boundaries, and embracing your inner silliness.

Packaged in a vibrant and compact gift box, the Diced giant dice drinking game is also the perfect travel companion for boozy escapades on the move. Whether you’re venturing into the wilderness or embarking on a road trip, this game ensures the party never stops – no matter where you are.

Searching for a unique birthday present that’ll leave them in stitches? Need a standout Christmas gift that’ll have everyone raising their glasses to merriment? Or perhaps you’re on the lookout for a secret Santa gem that promises to kickstart the office festivities with a bang? Look no further – the Diced giant dice drinking game is your answer.

Bid farewell to traditional beer pong and monotonous party games. It’s time to elevate your celebrations with a dose of craziness, a dash of absurdity, and a whole lot of laughter. Say yes to unforgettable nights filled with uproarious antics, outrageous challenges, and the clinking of glasses. Get ready to roll, sip, and revel in the joy of Diced – where the dice determine destiny, and the outcome is always hilariously unpredictable!


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