Fruit Keg Tapping Kit


Turn any big fruit into a keg for serving drinks.

Use the steel corer to make a hole for fixing your tap dispenser.

Slice the top off the fruit , hollow it out and add your soft or alcoholic drink.

Ideal with large melons, watermelon as well as pineapples or pumpkins.

Puree and filter the fruit flesh to create your fresh drink.

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Use this kit to turn an everyday watermelon, pineapple or pumpkin into a drink dispensing keg. Great at barbecues, picnics and other occasions. This shank and tap combo is easily installed into a standard, hollowed out watermelon, pineapple or pumpkin and will provide hassle-free dispensing for all your premium cocktail creations. Complete with steel corer in gift box set with easy instructions.

  • Turns watermelons, pineapples or pumpkins into a drink-dispensing keg
  • Shank and faucet combo makes it easy to insert into any hollowed-out watermelon or pumpkin
  • Includes watermelon keg tap, coring tool & instructions with recipe


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