Glitter Lamp


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  • A mains-powered glitter lamp for putting your own stamp on your home aesthetic
  • Soothing lights and gentle movements of glitter – perfect as a night light
  • Stands approximately 39 cm tall
  • Both dazzling and calming
  • A sight for sore eyes and a tired brain

Say goodnight to restlessness

Lull yourself into better sleeping patterns by watching the soothing patterns of the glitter inside the lamp. With the aid of the glitter’s gentle movements, the lamp will not only dazzle you, but we’re sure it’ll help calm you, too!

Create a powerful atmosphere

39 cm tall – the perfect size for a desk or bedside table. Don’t table buying this easy to set up product – create and maintain calming atmospheres with this mains-powered lamp today!

For concentrating, or for giving your mind a rest

Ideas often come when you’re putting less pressure on your brain. Why not free your mind and let ideas float towards you on the specks of glitter as they rise and fall?