Mighty Mini Voice Changer


  • A battery-operated mini-megaphone that distorts your voice.
  • Four hilarious voice options to choose from.
  • Compact size means you could sneak it into work or school.
  • Perfect for people who find puppets funny.

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This Mighty Mini Voice Changer is the party-trick you never knew you needed until now. Sure, you’re able to make a bunch of weird sounds with your mouth but why strain your vocal cords? This battery-operated tiny megaphone has four options that are easy to switch between. Create maximum amusement for yourself and maximum irritation for others by experimenting with all four. Use it to wake up your significant other. Give it to your friend’s kid for their birthday to guarantee you’ll never be invited to another cruddy seven-year-old birthday party with Gobbo the Clown. Buy the Mighty Mini Voice Changer for the ransom-call you probably will never make and even if you did, with these voices, no-one would take you seriously anyway.


Store spare batteries securely & dispose of used batteries safely. If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any body part, seek immediate medical attention.


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