Multi Purpose Lap Desk


•This lap desk makes using your laptop super-easy!
•Includes a built-in mousepad and slot for your mobile phone
•With a comfortable, cushioned base
•Perfect for travel and home use
•Suitable for laptops up to 17”

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Multi Purpose Lap Desk: What is it?

It’s a portable desk that lets you use your laptop with ease, without having to juggle your phone and use the sofa cushion as a mouse mat!

About the product

This sturdy desk is designed to support laptops up to 17”, and has a built-in mousepad and slot for holding your mobile phone. And, with a cushioned base, it’s comfortable to use even if you’re doing a full day’s work from home.

Why you should buy it

Being portable and practical, it’s great for use on the train or bus, waiting at the airport, or working from home. Order this Multi Purpose Lap Desk now!

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