Piano Fingers – Play Piano Anywhere!


Play piano anywhere with these gloves!
Each finger has a tone button at the end of it
Just tap any surface to make music
A great gift for musicians
One size fits most

Out of stock


So, you like to tickle the ivories all about town. But, you just can’t find a pair of trousers with pockets big enough for your grand piano. No problem, you just need these Piano Fingers!

This set of musical gloves has buttons at the end of each finger which produce piano tones. So, you can drop a quick rendition on any flat surface. They even produce their own sound through a built-in speaker on the wrist strap. Just add 3 x AAA batteries and you’ll be ready to make sweet music.

Music on the move is no longer the property of guitarists, flautists, and beat boxers. Play piano anywhere with these Piano Fingers!


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