Pink Quartz Chilling Stones 6 Pack


We have specialised in drink chillers for over fifty years and our latest version comes in the form of elegant pink quartz.

The eye-catching quartz material is more feminine than the typical darker soapstone, granite or steel cubes, making this set suitable and practical for the drinker.

6 stones are included plus a pouch for the freezer and a smart presentation gift box.

Think pink when using these elegant pink quartz rocks to cool your pink gin or any other spirit.

Just leave the stones in the pouch in the freezer until required, then pop two or three in your glass for some added colour and chill.

Unlike ice there is no dilution so they are ideal for wine too.

Choking hazard: adults’ drinks only, not suitable for children

6 x 20mm cubes with pouch for freezer storage.

Rinse clean and dry thoroughly before refreezing.

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