Star Wars Darth Vader A New Hope 8″ Cable Guy


  • It’s a phone and controller stand that looks Darth Vader!
  • Officially licensed Star Wars merchandise
  • Holds most smartphones plus Xbox and PS controllers
  • Mobile devices not included
  • Measures approx. 20 cm tall

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Based on Darth Vader’s appearance in Episode 4: A New Hope, this R.E.S.T. style cable guy is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and modelled in awesome detail.

Standing about 20 cm tall, it holds most smartphones as well as PlayStation and Xbox controllers, including next gen. The R.E.S.T. system allows the stand to rotate around the figure, meaning that you can place your device where you like!

That also means that when not in use, the stand portion of the item can be moved out of direct view so this figure then doubles as a cool stand alone statue!

This would make a great gift for fans of Star Wars, the empire or the Dark Side of the Force! If that describes you, or someone you know, why not order the Star Wars Darth Vader A New Hope Bust 8″ R.E.S.T. Cable Guy today?