I Know You Know – Game


Think you know it all? Got what it takes to sabotage your rival’s chance of victory? Then this is the game for you! Use the power of knowledge and some sneaky tactics up your sleeve to stop other players from winning in this fast-paced game of skill and sabotage! Take turns rolling the dice and answer questions to get lightbulbs and rise to victory! But be careful… once a player gets to 4 lightbulbs, they have the chance to answer the final ‘Bright Spark’ question and claim the title ‘Mater of Tactics’! Keep an eye out for your opponents and watch friends turn into foes as you fight your way to the top – no one is safe! With over 16 playing cards, 4 lightbulb counters and 1 dice, this brutally fun party game is sure to keep friends and family on their toes. This hilarious game makes the perfect gift for a tactical friend on their Birthday or at Christmas! (WARNING: We are not liable for any arguments that might occur when playing this game.)
Example Cards:
‘I Know, You know’ card: Where was the singer Rihanna born? a) Jamaica, b) Cuba, c) Puerto Rica, d) Barbados
‘I Know, You know’ card: Which human organ contains the most fat? a) Lungs, b) Stomach, c) Heart, d) Brain
‘Sabotage’ card: If a player picks this card, they can steal one lightbulb from a player of their choice.
‘No Know’ card: If a player picks this card, they lose one lightbulb.

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