Poo Stress Ball


Poo Stress Ball. You read that right, trust us
Modelled after the famous poop emoji
Perfect for getting rid of every tension
Squishy and squashy stress relief
Measures approx. 7cm x 7cm x 7cm

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Stress can be an awful load of horse… manure, and it can be really difficult to deal with it, so with that in mind, there’s nothing quite as apt for dealing with that stress as this incredible Poo Stress Ball.

Shaped after the loveable and now iconic (for all the wrong reasons) poop emoji, this Poo Stress Ball is incredibly squeezy and squidgy and… yeah, describing something that looks like poo like that is going to make some people feel weird, so let’s stick with “it does what a stress ball does”, really well. Handle with care.


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