RED5 Smiley Face Neon Effect Light


  • It’s a smiley face neon effect wall light
  • USB powered LEDs on yellow strips
  • Includes wall hanging attachment
  • Great light for your chill room or man cave!
  • Measures approx. 26 cm x 26 cm x 2.5 cm

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The RED5 Smiley Face Neon Effect Light is a delightful and eye-catching wall hanging accessory that will light up your space with a.. um.. happy glow!

This neon effect sign features a charming smiley face design, perfect for adding a touch of positivity and cheer to any room. Powered via USB, the yellow LED strips bring the smiley face to life, creating a neon effect that stands out and energizes your mood.

Easily install it on your bedroom wall or any other space with the included wall hanging attachment, making it a versatile and stylish addition to your chill room or man cave.

Please note: this light requires a 5V / 1A power supply to operate correctly, most USB power from computers operates at 5V / 0.5A and as such if plugged into a computer or similar device, the light may appear weak in colour or not function.


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